History of Gwehelog Village Hall

Gwehelog Village Hall came into being when a group of like minded individuals, all local to Gwehelog or it’s neighbouring villages, got together and purchased the land that the hall sits on, from the then owner of the Hall Inn. This was the fifth of April, 1926.

The group led by The Right Honourable Richard Fitzroy, Lord Raglan of Cefn Tilla Court and local farmer Windsor Howells of Ty Freeman Farm (and father of our current management committee chair) purchased the land and built the hall in it’s original form under the name of The Gwehelog Public Hall, as a Public Meeting Hall and as a Reading Room and Club for the use of men or women resident in the Parish/Hamlet or Township of Gwehelog or within a distance of two miles from the said Hall and otherwise for the benefit of the inhabitants of the said Parish/Hamlet or Township of Gwehelog. (The italiscised text is taken from the original constitution of our village hall).

Over the years the hall has played host to a wide variety of activities including the very important role in “receiving” evacuees from urban English areas. For instance in the summer of 1940, due to the threat of German invasion, 28 boys arrived by bus from Pontypool having been evacuated from Folkestone. Their train journey across the breadth of England to this part of South Wales must have been terrifying for the boys being evacuated and their parents having sent them away. They arrived at the village hall, and were met by their respective foster families. Although a modest building, let’s hope our hall offered a warm welcome under these times of duress.

The Hall has had some additions and upgrading over the years but has essentially remained true to the original vision for this meeting hall. The use of the hall has lessened over recent years but the management committee are now engaged in activities to make the hall the centre of the village once again. In addition to the excellent Hall Inn, the village hall can play a role in bringing the community together for a variety of activities and occasions.

If you would like to book a party or use the hall for any other function please get in touch by emailing us at bookings@gwehelogvillagehall.org.uk or ring Brian on 01291 673231. We are also in need of new committee members and new ideas for the hall and so if you have some spare time to dedicate to the cause, please get in touch.